Club Nights


Club Nights are open to all Club Members it is a great way to practice your race technique.  For new Club Members it is a great way to meet Club Members and have Fun.  Times are recorded at Club Night so that swimmers can keep a track of times and next time they swim this event try to beat their Personel Best (PB).  Club nights are all about having fun and improving your own performance.  Club Nights are also a great way to Swim an event you have never tried before.


Parents are encouraged to attend Club Nights to assist with timekeeping and also a great way to meet other Swimmers and their Famillies. 


 We welcome beginners to our Club Nights to give it ago.  To receive points towards end of year Trophies Club Members need to be swimming in our Squad Training and Financial on the SNZ Database.  Please talk to your coach about if you are ready to join Squad Training. 


All members need to swim at least 3 Club Nights or for our Competitive Swimmers attend at least 3 Swim Meets to be eligible for points at Club Champs.  


To Enter Club Nights through Fastlane Login Entering Matamata Swim Club Nights via Fast Lane.pdf

If you have any questions about Club Night please do not hesitate to talk to your Swim Coach or discuss this with the Swim Recorder Click to Email.