How do I join Matamata Swim Club?

You need to fill in a Membership Form available from your Swim Coach or Click to Email the Swim Club for more information.

If you are Swimming in either Competitive and Non Competitive Squad you need to become a Swim Club Member and pay your annual subscription.


Pool Entry

All Matamata Swim Club Members need to pay Pool Entry at the Swim Zone Reception

Please talk to a reception regarding the options for entry as a Swim Matamata Member either as Concession Cards, Squad Cards for 6 and 12 Month Membership.


Why do I need to pay an Annual Membership Fee?

 All Swimming Clubs have to pay an Annual Membership fee to Swimming NZ.


Membership Options

  • Non Competitive

  • Competitive


If you join as a Competitive Member you can enter any Swim Meets in races you qualify for.  Some Swim meets have qualifying times.  If you are Non Competitive you can swim at some meets in 25m and 50m events.  All Club Members can swim at Club Nights.


Why is Competitive Membership More Expensive?

Part of this Membership fee is past onto Swimming Waikato unfortunately if you join part way through the swimming season this cannot be offered at a reduce membership fee.


Do I have to enter all Swim Meets?

You do not have to compete at all Swim Meets.  Discuss this with your coach to which Meets he would like you to enter.  The Club does have Target Meets this is where we try to get as many of our Swimmers attending these Swim Meets.  If you are unsure which swim meets to enter please discuss this with your Swim Coach.


How do I enter a Swim Meet?

Swim Meet Flyers are emailed from the Recorder and a close off date for entries will be included so entries need to be emailed by this date.  Many of the Swim Meets now are entered from within the SNZ Database online.  Entry fees for these meets will be Invoice to you from the Matamata Swimming Club.


Can I enter a Swim Meet Via SNZ Database?

Individual Swimmers can Login to My Page and enter a Swim Meet.  Please let the Recorder know so that the Coach can be notified that you are attending this meet.  If you are entering the Swim Meet Online please pay via Credit Card this way we can ensure your entry has been paid.


Login to My Page within the SNZ Database?

When you have been affliated as a SNZ Member you will be emailed details to create a login.  If you have not received a email or forgotton your login details please let us know so this can be sorted. Login to My Page within the Swimming NZ Website is located from our Home page or Swimming NZ Website.



Squad Fees are invoiced at the beginning of each School Term and needs to be paid by the 20th Month.  If you have not received a Invoice for Squad Fees and you have been Swimming Squad please Click to Email .


Club Nights

Club Nights are run once a month on a Thursday.  Warm up is 5.45pm and racing starts at 6.15pm.  The Club Recorder will email the events prior to Club Night. Entries need to be emailed back to the Club Recorder before the close off date.  This gives the Club Recorder time to collate entries for the Club Night.  Club Nights are a great way for Swimmers to practice thier race technique and have fun with other Club Members.  Swimmers are expected to swim all events for their age group but can discuss this with your Swim Coach.  Parents are encouraged to attend Club Night to help with timekeeping and is a great way to meet other Parents within the Club.